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Here, Fassi's gastronomy will have no more secrets for you

DAR ZIRYAB will give you an insight into the authentic cuisine of Fes. In addition to the typical Moroccan dishes usually presented to tourists, the DAR ZIRYAB restaurant serves some exquisite preparations made personally by Nadia, Si Jalil's wife, according to the family tradition. The recipes are mostly taken from the family heritage held by El Hadja Fatima, Si Jalil's mother, who follows what happens in the kitchen with a critical eye.

 Moroccan cuisine, especially Fes cuisine, is a blend of the most sophisticated elements of Oriental and Mediterranean cuisine added to the hot spices and tasty preparations introduced by African slaves. Each meal is a feast of its own for which it is worthwhile to take time and leisure.

A glass of hot mint tea along with the finest almond pastry aromatized with orange flower water completes your meal.

By and by you will forget your everyday stress, relax and let the Oriental art of living take you into a world of pleasure and contemplation. Time has another value here - offer yourself the luxury to rediscover this!

These are some of the delicious dishes offered in DAR ZIRYAB:

- Beef or lamb Tajin with quinces and cinnamon
- Beef or lamb Tajin with artichoke hearts and peas
- Beef or lamb Tajin with artichoke stems, lemon and olives
- Beef or lamb Tajin with squash and okra

The prices of the traditional menus vary between 28 € and 35 €

restaurant restaurant

and the classical dishes:

Pigeon Pastilla
- Couscous with seven vegetables
- Lamb or beef kebab 
- Beef or lamb Tajin with prunes
- Chicken Tajin with lemon.