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Cultural activities

The excursions offered comprise Trekking, hiking and horse riding

Jalil El Hayar started as an amateur photographer some 30 years ago. He now has a collection of some 4000 slides that he will be happy to show you on the occasion of one of his theme oriented Diaporama evenings. The topics of these events include Moroccan family feasts, Moroccan handicraft and artists, Moroccan women all over the country, remote areas, tribal traditions, and many others.

Si Jalil also organizes interesting and expert tours to the cultural and historic sites of his home city Fes and its surroundings as well as through the historic old city (medina) - let yourself be captivated by the unchanged magic of Moroccan Oriental life which has survived the centuries.




The cedar forests of the Middle Atlas, fishing in streams and mountain lakes, snowfields with two ski resorts and the many shrines and hot springs result in a large number of possible day trips around Fez:

For lovers of excursions, visit three cities in one day:

MEKNES, the ''Moroccan Versailles'' owes its 25 km of walls, monuments of gigantic yet harmonious proportions, to Moulay Ismail, a contemporary of Louis XIV and the largest builder of Morocco who subjected his people and captives to his relentless desire to architectural megalomania

VOLUBILIS, which was once, one of the southernmost cities of the Roman Empire. Apart from the historical interest of this visit to the ruins (forum, basilica, capitol .....) you will appreciate the taste of those who settled in this part of plateaus and plains dominated by the imposing Zerhoun massif.

MOULAY IDRISS, only populated by Muslims, has retained its character of an Islamic religious city. Built on two rocky outcrops overlooking the plain of Volubilis, the holy city enshrines the tomb of the founder of the first Moroccan dynasty. A pilgrimage that attracts thousands of devotees and gives rise to festivals of exceptional importance takes place in early September.

For spa tourism:

MOULAY YACOUB lies 20 km from Fez, in a striking landscape of green and flowering or gray and ocher hills, depending on the seasons. It is the first modern thermal establishment of the kingdom. With its exceptional sulfur water emerging at 54°C it corresponds to highest standards of international spas and spa tourism requirements and has five specialties: Rheumatology - ENT - Dermatology - Gynecology - cosmetic treatments.

SIDI HARAZEM, 9 km from Fez, is a small palm grove with a hot magnesium source (35 ° C). Its waters have almost the same characteristics as those of Vittel. They can be used to treat the diseases of liver and kidneys.

For lovers of nature:

SEFROU, 30 km from Fez, is an ancient city at the foot of the Middle Atlas and already had some significance when Fez was still a village. Le sovereign Moulay Idriss is said to have converted the Berbers and Jews who lived there to Islam. However the Jewish population further increased thereafter and was gathered in the city centre, turning it into a little Jerusalem. Sefrou cherries are renowned. Each year in June the Cherry Festival is cause for celebration.

BHALIL, Sefrou's neighbor, is a picturesque village clinging to the banks of a river where a few families still live in caves.

IFRANE, at 1600 m altitude, will surprise you with its "Alsatian" architecture in the African country. It is the largest summer resort in Morocco and profits from an appeasing summer climate and pleasant surroundings. Ifrane comes alive in winter because of its proximity to the ski slopes: Crater Michlifen, situated 18 km of Ifrane, and the slopes of volcano Jbel Hebri.

AZROU, a Berber village situated in a cirque of basalt and surrounded by a cedar-oak forest.

For fans of picnic and/or fishing:

CIRCUIT OF THE LAKES, a crossing of this plateau that is sprinkled with some lakes is highly recommended for walkers!